“There is no better gift than the one that goes directly to the palate”.

From El Higuerón we offer you different menus to invite that person who deserves it so much to enjoy a gastronomic experience.

Higuerón Selection

A feast for the palate!

We invite you to live a gastronomic experience that you will always remember. Through a selection of dishes you can taste the best of our cuisine, accompanied by a magical atmosphere.

Higuerón Classic

For lovers of good food, for those who enjoy tasting flavors, but most of all, for those who enjoy sharing a unique gastronomic experience.

Higuerón Special

This time, we go beyond our star dishes, to all those who not only sit down to eat, but live the moment.

Enjoy your table in front line with perfect views and live a complete gastronomic experience!

Higuerón Origin

Traveling to Asturias is possible thanks to our stoves!

With this experience you can enjoy the most typical dishes of the land. Come with us to taste our homemade menu and feel the Asturian atmosphere.